“Catch the wind in your sails” i.e. another change

Hey guys!

I was planning to publish here something today. The entry was almost done, but first I wanted to put two artworks on my portfolio on Artstation. Well, I did it and… I found the new options, opportunities that this platform gives. And I just love it! 馃榾 So I decide to entirely move from here to there. I also think about not deleting this website (maybe someday I’ll hit on an idea what to do with it), but I don’t plan to publish new blog entries here, for now.

I want to have one website with portfolio (blog and other info), but of course Invisible Emerald聽will be still my site with poems and prose.

“Catch the wind in your sails” is the quote which I saw today. And I feel like that. 馃檪 So I invite you to visit my website:聽metakasia.artstation.com – there are some changes as well. 馃槈






How I work: digital art

This is the second and I think also the last post about “How I work”. And as I wrote before and as you can read above this entry is about my digital art.

3D graphics

3D… Because my digital art started from 3D. It was Spring/Summer 2016. I don’t remember why but somehow I’ve become interested in 3D graphics. Since then I’ve been using Blender (open source software) for creating my 3D images. I’ve learned everything from tutorials which are a lot of on the web.

2D images

Especially digital painting which is very similar to traditional painting with the difference that… it’s digital :p which means you cannot get dirty with paint, and you can easily correct your mistakes. 馃槈 It can be also much cheaper than traditional art, especially if you use e.g. Krita (open source program) like me. I can’t afford Photoshop for now.


My hybrid is just traditional 2D + digital 2D, which means I draw something (the whole image or just part of it) and after scanning I work on it using e.g. Krita.


I haven’t disclosed information about my computer till now (because what for?), however my laptop’s capabilities have positive taken me aback every day since I’ve been creating 3D images. This device has never let me down.聽Nevertheless it’s not the most modern laptop, it hasn’t been an upscale laptop. I have had it for 9 years. Yes, you read it right. And here are few facts about it:

HP Compaq 6720s

processor: Intel Celeron 550 2.0 GHz


graphics: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100

Of course I can’t create too much complex images, sometimes work on an artwork is slowed down plus rendering takes a long time… However my laptop (it has a name – Alex 馃檪 ) and I prove that it’s possible to work and to create some good images as well on both “aged” and cheaper device (ok, not every). I think the key is appropriate care for laptop and the right operating system. I have Linux Mint (KDE) on my laptop (it works great). And of course I know that macOS or Windows (and PC) 聽gives more opportunities to work on 3D/2D images but Windows is too heavy for my laptop and I can’t afford a new computer for now. If I buy a new laptop/computer I’ll write about it and my nine-year-old, which has never let me down and accompanies me bravely with creating images will retire. 馃檪


Birth – the new beginning

They say eyes are the mirrors of the soul / the windows to the soul. In the eyes you can see everything…聽This project was made nine months ago. It’s a digital painting depicting an eye with the starry pupil and iris.

The arrangement of the stars isn’t accidental – this is how they were aligned on my date (and time) of birth. 馃檪 So as you can see it’s (they’re) just another personal artwork(s).

Have you ever seen stars / universe in someone’s eyes? I saw it in the past. His eyes were so deep and shiny. And no, I’ve never been with him. 馃槈 I just saw him 9 or 10 years ago at the streetcar stop. However it’s hard to behold the universe in adult’s eyes so if you want to see it, look into baby’s eyes. 馃檪



The Day After – CGTrader Awards

Some time ago on my Facebook page I informed about my plan to add two posts of “How I work”. One concern traditional art (which you can read already here) other – digital art. I would have written the latter one couple weeks ago, but there were also a lot of other things to do, in other words I was very busy.

This post is about something else. I want to tell you I’m taking part in the CGTrader Awards Competition. Here is the link to my entry on my portfolio:聽The Day After. And this is the artwork:

The Day After

It seems to me that I should tell you something about this work. As you can read on my portfolio, the post-apocalyptic 3D image was inspired by my favorite book series “Angelfall” by Susan Ee (if you like reading books and haven’t had a chance to read this one I highly recommend it). In the book there were a lot of smartphones on the street. I made only one just as a symbol. Nowadays most people can’t live without their smartphones, but they are nothing in the face of total tragedy, total destruction.

Why the rubble are shoveled away? Because I think that the worst and the biggest tragedy is when it lasts some time (weeks, months)聽on and off and thereby the hope is given and taken from people.

Just because it’s 3D image made for the contest I decided to postpone the entry about my digital art – anyway it’ll appear on my blog before Christmas. 馃檪


Kindest regards,


How I work – Traditional Art

This is the first of two posts about “How I work”. In this entry I want to write about my traditional art. The second one will be about my digital art.

Though I’ve created mainly a digital art for some time, I have a special liking for a traditional art, because it has been accompanying me since I can remember. What’s more, my adventure with the digital art has been started form the traditional art of course.

When I was a kid I liked coloring books the most. And I had abilities to create a beautiful drawing, but I didn’t really like to do it. Now drawing gives me joy, but only when I have an inspiration.


I draw with pencil, charcoal, ball pens, etc. but I like drawing with gel pens the most and

Moja historia moje 偶ycie
Moja historia, moje 偶ycie / My history, my life, 27.IX.2015; (pencil, ballpoint pen, gel pen) dimensions: 297mm x 210 mm / 12” x 8”

making a kind of comic art.聽I’ve always liked to聽do聽it, cause it has always made me feel better. Unfortunately in my experience most people consider you to be talented only if you create a hyper realistic pictures… So in order to prove everyone and first of all myself that I have a talent, I started to draw some realistic portraits and other images. I think they’re not bad, however I prefer doing something different, what I wrote before. The work on the right titled Moja historia, moje 偶ycie (My history, my life)聽was created for about two weeks. You can read something more about it on Invisible Emerald, my artistic site with inter alia poetry and prose: http://wp.me/p6UcDX-b. This drawing is me, however I made it two years ago, and I am still making my history so there are a lot of things that should be added there now. 馃槈

I also like to create charcoal drawings. They are more artistic. But I usually choose charcoal to more realistic works.


Everything depends on the inspiration and my mood. 馃檪


I prefer drawing than painting. Anyway sometimes I feel like I have to paint something. And then it’s like a ritual:

  • I buy a canvas, 聽acrylic paints, and sometimes brushes as well.
  • After coming back home I think a lot about my painting.
  • Same day or another day (when my inspiration is the strongest) I unpack the canvas and gently stroke it with solemnity. I love to feel its texture under my fingers and palms. There is only canvas and me and my inspiration.
  • Then I am under the influence of my inspiration entirely so I begin painting.

Maybe it sounds kind a weird, but yea, that’s what I do anytime I want to paint.


So I disclose some “secrets” of my creation. 馃槈

In closing

Each of my artwork (traditional or digital) is like a piece of my soul. There are a lot of symbols in my art. Some of them are well-known the other are only known to me.

Why in these digital times I still creating traditional art? Because there is something more important in life… and some thing cannot be replaced like touching canvas or paper, holding pencil, charcoal, etc., and I think it’s quite a nice feeling to be dirty after work for artists, well at least for me. 馃槈

Sometimes I give my works (traditional art) a new life, and then they turn into a digital art. But I’m going to write about it in the next post. 馃檪

Glass ball on fabric


(English version below Polish version)


Tytu艂 tego wpisu jest zarazem tytu艂em jednej z pierwszych grafik 3D, kt贸r膮 wykona艂am. Modelowaniem 3D zainteresowa艂am si臋 chyba w 2016 roku, szczeg贸lnie od lata zacz臋艂am do艣膰 intensywnie 膰wiczy膰, a co za tym idzie tworzy膰 obrazy 3D (programem, w kt贸rym pracuj臋 jest Blender). Jak zapewne ju偶 wiesz, jestem samoukiem, w zwi膮zku z tym ucz臋 si臋 modelowanie 3D z r贸偶nych samouczk贸w – W tym miejscu mog臋 poleci膰: tutor4u od kt贸rego zacz臋艂am swoj膮 przygod臋 z Blenderem i oczywi艣cie znany chyba wszystkim osobom, ucz膮cym si臋 tego programu聽Blender Guru.聽Rzecz jasna korzysta艂am r贸wnie偶 z innych samouczk贸w, jednak te dwa polecam szczeg贸lnie, je艣li tak偶e chcecie nauczy膰 si臋 Blendera (i je艣li umiecie j臋zyk angielski).

Po 膰wiczeniach z samouczkami chcia艂am zrobi膰 co艣 swojego. Korzysta艂am z wiedzy, kt贸r膮 ju偶 zdoby艂am i stworzy艂am w艂a艣nie Glass ball on fabric. Materia艂 jest koloru purpurowego, bo uwielbiam ten kolor, a szklana kula to marmurka. Dlaczego akurat marmurka? Poniewa偶 z podobn膮 kulk膮 mam wa偶ne, osobiste wspomnienie zwi膮zane z przyja藕ni膮 i mi艂o艣ci膮. I dlatego te偶 marmurka w tym projekcie jest umiejscowiona na materiale. Ma to by膰 symbol opieki i ochrony (a dla mnie osobi艣cie wsparcia i mi艂o艣ci).


Title of this entry is also the title of one of my first 3D image I made. I’ve become interested in 3D modeling in 2016 I guess, especially I’ve been practicing intensely聽it since summer, and as a result creating 3D images (I work in Blender). As supposedly you know, I am a self-taught artist, therefore some tutorials on YouTube have helped me learning 3D modeling – I can recommend:聽tutor4u that I began my adventure with Blender from, and of course well-known to all people learning Blender I guess:聽Blender Guru. Needless to say, there are other tutorials as well, which I watch/use, however especially these two are recommended by me, if you want to learn Blender too.

After practices with tutorials I wanted to make something mine. Using acquired knowledge I created exactly聽Glass ball on fabric. Fabric is purple color, because I love this color, and glass ball is a marble. Why a marble? Because with similar ball I have an important, personal recollection connected with friendship and love. And that’s why the marble in this project is located on fabric. It is symbol of care and protection (and to me personally: support and love).

Dreams are art of our mind…

English version below Polish version


Do stworzenia ka偶dego projektu niezb臋dna jest wyobra藕nia oraz oczywi艣cie inspiracja – t臋 cz臋sto czerpi臋 z moich sn贸w. Nie ma w tym nic dziwnego, w ko艅cu sztuka i sny maj膮 wiele wsp贸lnego.

Co 艂膮czy sny i sztuk臋?

Kiedy patrzymy na obraz, czy rze藕b臋, na pierwszy rzut oka dostrzegamy tylko powierzchowno艣膰 to, co przedstawia. Dopiero g艂臋bsza analiza dzie艂a, wiedza o autorze, a tak偶e znajomo艣膰 symboliki oraz np. wierze艅, stylu 偶ycia w danym wieku, pozwalaj膮 nam pozna膰 g艂臋bszy sens dzie艂a. Podobnie jest ze snami, jednak w tym przypadku ju偶 w trakcie 艣nienia mamy dost臋p do czego艣 wi臋cej, postrzegania聽pozazmys艂owego.聽Czujemy wi臋cej, ni偶 by艣my czuli w przypadku, gdyby to, co nam si臋 艣ni wydarzy艂o si臋 na jawie.

Dla przyk艂adu: Je艣li 艣ni Ci聽si臋, i偶 podchodzi do Ciebie聽obcy m臋偶czyzna i Ci臋聽zagaduje to cz臋sto od razu wiesz, jaki on jest, kim on jest, czego od Ciebie聽chce, co zrobi, co wydarzy si臋 p贸藕niej, czy powiniene艣/powinna艣聽si臋 go ba膰, czy jest on niegro藕ny.

Jednak czasami nawet to, co odczuwamy podczas 艣nienia nie wyja艣nia nam dok艂adnie co mia艂 oznacza膰 dany sen. Je偶eli chcemy pozna膰 znaczenie snu potrzebujemy si臋聽si臋 nad nim zastanowi膰,聽spr贸bowa膰 zinterpretowa膰 indywidualnie symbole, kt贸re si臋 tam pojawi艂y.

Ostro偶nie: Inspiracja bardzo osobista!

Sny s膮 sztuk膮 naszego umys艂u, a mo偶e naszej duszy. Tak czy inaczej dla mnie s膮 sztuk膮 i to wyj膮tkow膮, bo dla ka偶dego z nas jego w艂asn膮, prywatn膮.

Oto kilka moich projekt贸w, zainspirowanych snami:

Dodam, i偶 zaprezentowane tutaj dwie grafiki 3D (The key to the safe place i Hanging Roses) oraz grafika 2D wykonana technik膮 malarstwa cyfrowego (Driver) przedstawiaj膮 sceny z moich sn贸w, jedynie hybryda Jeremiah聽jest聽po prostu zainspirowana, a nie dok艂adnie (na ile to oczywi艣cie mo偶liwe) odwzorowana ze snu.

Nie zawsze jest “r贸偶owo”

To wszystko co napisa艂am wydaje si臋 by膰 takie pi臋kne: sny i sztuka – doskona艂e po艂膮czenie. Jasne, to jest pi臋kne, przynajmniej dla mnie, ale tak偶e dla mnie jest to trudne. Nie wszystkie sny s膮 mi艂e, w moim przypadku rzadko si臋 takie zdarzaj膮. Niech nie zwiedzie Ci臋 kolor r贸偶owy w The key to the safe place. 馃槈 Oczywi艣cie to, co znajduje si臋 za tymi drzwiami jest bezpieczne, cudowne, przyjemne, jednak chwile, kt贸re prze偶y艂am zanim je otworzy艂am nie nale偶a艂y do najprzyjemniejszych. W grafice chcia艂am przedstawi膰 to, co uzna艂am za najwa偶niejsze, a zarazem najpi臋kniejsze ze snu.

Jak膮 jeszcze trudno艣膰 trzeba pokona膰, kiedy kto艣 decyduje si臋 na przedstawienie czego艣 ze snu w swoim projekcie? Nie wiem, jak Ty, ale聽mnie zostaje cz臋sto na d艂ugo taki posmak po 艣nie. Oczywi艣cie o ile sen co艣 znaczy艂. Je艣li jaki艣 sen pokaza艂am w formie grafiki, to zazwyczaj oznacza, i偶 po przebudzeniu ju偶 wiedzia艂am, 偶e musz臋 to narysowa膰/zaprojektowa膰/zrobi膰. I do p贸ki nie wykonam obrazu, my艣l o tym nie zejdzie mi z g艂owy. Niestety bywa to trudne. Przy tworzeniu powracaj膮 uczucia ze snu po艂膮czone z uczuciem obna偶ania si臋. Niemniej jednak gdy sko艅cz臋 projekt jestem szcz臋艣liwa, spe艂niona.


Imagination and of course inspiration are necessary to create every project.聽I often derive inspiration from my dreams. There’s nothing weird about that, after all art and dreams have a lot in common.

What is common between dreams and art?

When we look at painting or sculpture, we see, at first glance only superficiality, what it shows. Only preciser聽analysis of artwork, knowledge about the author, as well as聽knowledge of symbolism and e.g. beliefs, lifestyle in a century, enable us to know a聽deeper meaning of the artwork. The same with dreams, but in this case already in the middle of dreaming we have access to something more, extrasensory perception. We feel more than we would聽feel if it were “in reality”.

For example:聽If you聽dream that a stranger is coming to you and he reels up to you, then you often know at once, how he is, who he is, what he wants from you, what he’s going to do, what happens later, whether you should be afraid of him, etc.

However sometimes (or often) even our experience during dreaming doesn’t explain us the dream meaning. If we want to know its meaning, we need to think about it, try to interpret individually聽symbol, which appeared there.

Be careful: Very personal inspiration!

Dreams are art of our mind, and maybe our soul. One way or another, to me they are special art, because it’s private for each of us.

Here are some of my projects, inspired by dreams:

Let me add that presented two 3D images (The key to the safe place聽and聽Hanging Roses) and聽the digital painting (Driver) are depicting scenes from my dreams, only the hybrid聽Jeremiah is simply inspired (by dreams), not exact聽(as far as聽possible of course) mapped from the dream.

It’s not always so easy (in Poland we can say: it’s not always so “pink” ; ) )

Everything I wrote seems to be so beautiful: dreams and art – perfect combination. Sure it is beautiful, at least to me, but it’s hard to me as well. Not every dream is nice, in my case such dream聽occurs rarely. Don’t be misled by the pink color in聽The key to the safe place. 馃槈 Of course behind the door is safely, wonderfully, pleasantly, however moments that I had experienced before I opened it, weren’t pleasant. In this work I wanted to present what I judged the most important and the most beautiful from the dream.

What is聽other difficulty to overcome, when someone decides to present something from their dream in the artwork? Well, I don’t know about you, but my dreams leave aftertaste for a long time. Of course if a dream means something. If I show my dream as an image, it usually means that when I woke up I knew it must be drawn/designed/created. And until聽I make the picture, thought of it doesn’t leave my head. Unfortunately sometimes it’s hard. While creating the feelings of the dream are returning and you experience聽also feeling of exposure. Nevertheless when I’m done my project I am happy, fulfilled.

Spontaneous digital painting

Wind of day and night


Od jakiego艣 czasu zakocha艂am si臋 w malarstwie cyfrowym. Czasami聽po艣wi臋cam du偶o czasu na zrobienie jednego takiego dzie艂a, ale bywa te偶 i偶 tworz臋 co艣 spontanicznie i szybko. Praca nie jest wtedy z艂o偶ona, jednak efekty mnie satysfakcjonuj膮, gdy偶 sko艅czony obraz bardzo przypomina jego wizj臋, kt贸ra uprzednio pojawi艂a si臋 w mojej g艂owie. (Ni偶ej dalsza cz臋艣膰 po polsku)


I’ve fallen in love with digital painting for some time. Occasionally聽I devote a lot of聽time to make such an artwork, but it also happens that I create something聽spontaneously and fast. Though work isn’t complex, the effects are satisfied to me, because the finished image resembles its vision, which appeared in my mind beforehand. (English version is continued below the Polish version)



Takimi w艂a艣nie spontanicznymi, szybko zrobionymi przeze mnie obrazami s膮聽powy偶sze dzie艂a zatytu艂owane Wind of day and night i Calmness. Do dzisiejszego wpisu na blogu wybra艂am w艂a艣nie te dwa, poniewa偶 s膮 one do siebie podobne. Oba obrazy przedstawiaj膮 noc.聽Na obu wida膰 zachmurzone niebo, jednak chmury nie przys艂aniaj膮 gwiazd. Oba s膮 pejza偶ami oraz widniej膮 na nich czarne pi贸ra. Ponadto 艂膮czy je to co艣,聽emocje, szczeg贸lnie te, kt贸re towarzyszy艂y mi przy ich tworzeniu.

Dlaczego Calmness to calmness? Poniewa偶 dok艂adnie tak膮 emocj臋, takie uczucie, czyli spok贸j czu艂am tworz膮c ten obraz. Zauwa偶, 偶e pi贸ro spokojnie dryfuje w powietrzu. Widzisz jak po prostu spokojnie spada na ziemi臋? Dym z kadzid艂a tak偶e spokojnie unosi si臋 do g贸ry. Jest to symbol czego艣 wi臋cej, istnienia 艣wiata duchowego. Noc jest tajemnicza, pi臋kna; noc膮 lepiej wida膰 艣wiat艂o, nadziej臋, 艣wiat艂o艣膰, cel, kt贸re reprezentuj膮 gwiazdy.

A jakie uczucie przekazuje Wind of day and night? Interpretacja jest dowolna. Dla mnie to rado艣膰, dzia艂anie, zapa艂, pasja… Taki wiatr, nap臋d do dzia艂ania, pasja niesie pi贸ra i drobne 艣wiate艂ka (kt贸re r贸wnie偶 pobudzaj膮 do dzia艂ania). Pole jest jasne, jak gdyby by艂 dzie艅. Zbo偶e (“z艂ota” trawa lub dywan – zn贸w interpretacja jest dowolna) faluje pod wp艂ywem wiatru, co dodaje dynamizmu. I zn贸w jest noc, kt贸ra i w tym obrazie przekazuje nam to samo, co w poprzednim.

Tak si臋 sk艂ada, 偶e Calmness by艂o moj膮 pierwsz膮 “przygod膮” z malarstwem cyfrowym, a pisz膮c ten tekst Wind of day and night jest聽p贸ki co moim ostatnim obrazem 2D stworzonym 聽w technice malarstwa cyfrowego. Zapewne takich spontanicznych obraz贸w w moim wykonaniu b臋dzie wi臋cej, tak偶e takich z czarnymi pi贸rami…


The above artworks titled聽Wind of day and night and聽Calmness are聽exactly such a spontaneous, fast made images. To this blog entry I chose them聽precisely because they are alike. Both images depict night. You聽can see that though聽sky is cloudy, the clouds aren’t obscuring the stars. Both pictures are landscapes and there are black feathers visible in them.聽Furthermore they have something in common; emotions, especially those which accompanied me while聽I was creating them.

Why聽Calmness聽is calmness? Because I was feeling exactly this emotion, this feeling聽that is聽calmness, while聽I was creating the image. Take notice, that the feather is slowly drifting in the air. Can you see how it’s slowly falling down to the ground? Incense smoke is also slowly wafting.聽It represents something more, spiritual world existence. Night is mysterious, beautiful; at night we can better see the light – hope, aims that is represented by the stars.

And what kind of feeling is conveyed in聽Wind of day and night? Interpretation is free. To me it’s joy, action, zeal, passion… The聽wind, power, passion is driving feathers and little sparks (which prompt to act as well). The field is bright, as in the daytime. Cereal (“gold” grass or carpet – again interpretation is free) is waving under wind聽influence, which adding dynamism. And again there is a night, conveying the same as in the previous image.

As it happens, Calmness聽was my first “adventure” with digital painting, and as I’m writing this post,聽Wind of day and night聽is my last 2D image for now, created in digital painting technique. Supposedly I聽will create聽more such spontaneous images, also with black feathers…


Kilka s艂贸w wst臋pu… / A few words of introduction…


Jest mi niezmiernie mi艂o powita膰 Ciebie na od艣wie偶onej stronie, kt贸ra kiedy艣 s艂u偶y艂a mi za portfolio. Teraz moje portfolio mo偶na ogl膮da膰 tutaj.聽Jest to pierwszy wpis na blogu, zatem dowiesz si臋 z niego jak 贸w blog b臋dzie funkcjonowa膰.

Po pierwsze: nie s膮dz臋, bym wstawia艂a wpisy cyklicznie, co jaki艣 okre艣lony czas. Zdaj臋 sobie spraw臋, i偶 w dzisiejszych czasach jest pe艂no bloger贸w czy聽vloger贸w聽i ludzie oczekuj膮 jakiej艣 regularno艣ci przy publikowaniu nowych materia艂贸w. Jednak ja jestem z natury introwertyczk膮, lub jak kto woli jestem aspo艂eczna, skryta, wi臋c dzielenie si臋 wszystkim, pisanie o czymkolwiek, a w du偶ej mierze o sobie przede wszystkim by艂oby sprzeczne z moj膮 natur膮. A ja staram si臋 偶y膰 w zgodzie z sob膮.

Po drugie:聽na blogu pojawia膰 si臋 b臋d膮 wpisy dotycz膮ce moich prac, inspiracji, by膰 mo偶e tak偶e tego, czego u偶ywam do tworzenia聽dzie艂. Co jeszcze si臋 pojawi – czas poka偶e. 馃槈

Po trzecie: postaram si臋, aby ka偶dy wpis by艂 dwuj臋zyczny (polski i angielski), zaczynaj膮c od tego w艂a艣nie. 馃檪 Podobna rzecz ma miejsce na Invisible Emerald oraz na mojej stronie artystycznej na facebook’u.

To chyba wszystko, je艣li chodzi o informacj臋 wst臋pn膮. Ju偶 teraz serdecznie zapraszam na kolejny wpis, kt贸ry uka偶e si臋 niebawem!






I’m delighted聽to welcome you on refreshed site, which was designed for my portfolio in the past. Now you can visit my portfolio here.聽This is the first entry on the聽blog so you can get know聽how it will function.

First:聽I don’t think I will often聽publish聽entries. I realize that there are a lot of bloggers or vloggers in this day and age and people expect publishing new materials in a regular way. However I am an introvert by nature or if you wish I am antisocial, secretive so sharing everything, writing about anything and especially about myself in large part would be against my nature. And I’聽try to be true to聽myself.

Second:聽here, on the blog I’ll publish the entries relative to my works, inspirations and maybe also what I use to create my artworks. What else will be published聽– time will tell. 馃槈

Third:聽I’m going to聽try to write every entry bilingual (Polish and English), starting exactly聽from this one. 馃檪 The similar thing occurs on聽Invisible Emerald聽and聽on my聽artistic facebook page.

That’s all about initial information, I guess. I already warmly invite you to read my next entry, which will be published聽soon!